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reclaiming the early nineties
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this community is here to remember, celebrate, and lift up onto the very high pedestal where it belongs, the early nineties. this community is the well-cared for and extremely well-loved little grunge girl of mabellongetti. this community is bad-assed and will not tolerate some of the things going on in other early nineties communities. mabellongetti is obsessive compulsive as well as very very mean and in order to not piss her off here is a list of do's and don'ts if you want to contribute.


share stories about your early nineties experiences. shows you went to. trends and bands that you miss. if you write well then just roll with it. if not keep it short.

contribute news about bands from the era that are still going strong today. post all you want about the new pearl jam and that nirvana box set (if it ever comes out) and other appropriate digs.

share with us how you "keep the grunge alive" however you do it, wherever you do it.


post about how you need more friends.

post about how lonely you are.

post about how much you want to "score" with someone who looks just like stone gossard.

post promotions for communities that don't strictly conincide with the interests and integrities of this one.

post rambling nonsensical delusionary entries about god knows what that has nothing to do with the early nineties. that's what your journal is for.

rules are meant to be broken. that's why i've set out these guidelines for you here. break these and i'll kick your ass to the curb.

i'm not trying to offend anyone. as a community i want this place to be a group effort, or else i would just start my own damn new journal and write all day long in it. i've just been disappointed over and over again with community after community and i want to make this a place that has some merit, with something to offer me and other hungry early nineties devotees besides a bunch of crap that i don't feel like reading.

after all this, i'd like to say one nice thing...i think that stupidmop is doing a phenomenal job with pearljammers and all the folks over there are just amazing. pay them a visit if you haven't already, and as they say over there, spread the jam.
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